Getting the best airport shuttle service in Toronto

The Lester B. Pearson International Airport, Toronto is located in Mississauga, approximately 25 km away from downtown Toronto. Commonly termed as Pearson Airport, this is the largest and busiest of all Canadian airports and the 23rd busiest in the world in terms of passenger traffic. Over 33 million passengers passed through the airport in 2011, both in terms of business as well visitor traffic. It takes around 30 minutes to reach the city from this location and passengers would do well to hire a car or opt for airport shuttle service instead of relying on public transport.

Getting there and back –

There are several modes of transport that you can opt for to travel to and from Pearson Airport. One is to rent a car and drive down, another option is to hire or call for an airport taxi. And lastly you can opt for airport shuttle service provided by Canadian Delta Coach. CDC will take you where you need to go.  You will also have the option of choosing a private airport shuttle service which will not simply drop you at pre-determined locations but right down to your hotel, even if it is further away from downtown Toronto.

Airport shuttle service in Toronto – Options

Leading shuttle services offer you a wide range of options to choose from. Depending on your budget and how large your group is you can opt for –

  • Lincoln Sedan
  • Passenger Limousine
  • Passenger SUV Limousine
  • Passengers Luxury Van
  • Passenger Limo Bus
  • Passenger Mini Coach
  • Passenger Luxury Mid-Size Coach
  • Passenger Luxury Highway Coach

Airport shuttle service in TorontoAdd-ons

Leading shuttle and charter services offer more than just transport. The varied and multifaceted services include –

  • Customized business travel
  • Shuttle for special events like bachelor parties, weddings, proms, VIP welcome, graduation ceremonies, and even birthday parties
  • A night in town, out of town trips, group outings
  • Sightseeing tours
  • Airport trips
  • Employees and Air Crew Transportation

Toronto Sights –

Toronto has many attractions to offer its visitors. From the majestic beauty of the Niagara Falls to the amazing vista that you can view from the famous CN Tower, every site is memorable. If you are traveling with children then you must visit the impressive Toronto Zoo with its six miles of walking trails among the rarest collection of animal species of the world and of course Canada’s Wonderland. Then there are the Royal Ontario Museum, the Ontario Science Centre and a must visit to the grand and romantic Casa Loma. The bustling St. Lawrence Market and the popular Casino Rama gives you a taste of trendy Toronto while you are transported to a world of leisure and nature in the Toronto Islands.

Transportation companies which own a large fleet of varied vehicles and employ certified drivers, who can also act as guides, will be a good choice for your holiday or travel transport. Apart from offering airport shuttle service in Toronto, they will also take you around the various places of interest, guide you in food and shopping and ensure that your business trip or holiday is carried out in the best of travel comforts and style. You can also go ahead and book their services online so that you have a car, limo or coach at your disposal the moment you land in Toronto.

The Benefits of Hiring a Limo

The next time you need to take an important trip, consider the option of hiring a limo service. Contrary to what the media might suggest, hiring a limo service is not restricted to just the rich.  Anyone can be picked up by a limo. Limo reservations can easily be made by contacting a limo company close to you. There are many practical benefits to be gained with hiring a limo service. Below are a few of these;

  • Cost Effective: When you consider the fact that an average limo can comfortable sit 6 to 11 people, the cost of hiring a limo is not that much different from hiring a cab. Choosing a limo also offers the added bonus of comfort. After a long transatlantic trip or a late night flight, there is not more relaxing than being driving to your destination in a limo.
  • Safe: Unlike cabs. Limos are driven by licensed professional drivers who are trained to never go above a specified speed. More importantly, you have more control over the actions of your driver. You can request that your driver slows down if you feel that he is going too fast. Limousines are also stronger vehicles capable of absorbing shock. You’re more than guaranteed to get your destination in good time and health.
  • Impress: A limousine is the perfect vehicle to impress your clients, acquaintances or friends with. And you don’t need to own one. You can simply make reservations for a limo service and have them take you to your destination. A limousine will make the right positive impression at a business meeting. You can also use it to pick up a business client from the office.
  • Create positive memories: Days like your wedding or prom night will only happen once in a lifetime. Make it more memorable by attending these events with a limo. A limo is large enough to hold the bride and most of her bridal train. It’s also big enough for a ladies night out. You’re guaranteed a comfortable ride before and after the event. And yes, shots of you arriving in a limo will look great in your pictures and videos.

Limo Tips

Driving in a limo is an amazing experience. However, a lot of it this will be determined by the limo service that you choose. It will also be affected your attitude and approach. Below are some useful tips that you can use in improving your user experience.

  • Keep the laws: Riding in a limo isn’t a license to break the law. Alongside state laws, most limo services have laws that you’d be expected to keep. For instance, some limos may request that you avoid smoking in the car. Most limo services do not permit the use of drugs or underage drinking within the car. To this end, they retain the right to terminate a client’s contract (with no option of a refund) if the client should violate the laws.
  • Keep your Valuables with You: Don’t leave your valuables in the limousine—especially if you’re going to be going away for extended periods.  Instead keep them with you at all times. Many limo services will not accept responsibility of items that get misplaced when left in the car. Instead of exposing yourself to the risk, keep your valuables on your person.

Stick to the passenger limit: Do not try and force more people than the limo can comfortably hold. It’s not just against the limo company’s policy; it’s also a violation of road safety rules.  Pay attention to the outlined maximum and keep to it. If you should find that the size of your group has increased since your last reservation, consider asking for an upgrade.

AOC Golf Tournament

CDC is pleased and honour to sponsor this years Toronto Airline Operators Committee golf Tournament. For more info please visit the AOC website.

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Welcome Back Finn Air!

CDC is pleased to welcome back Finn Air this season again with flights beginning next month.